H.265 'Main10' Profile setting gets reset to 'Main' when saving a Preset

H.265 ‘Main10’ Profile setting gets reset to ‘Main’ when saving a Preset.

I just tried to recreate this and the main10 setting held. Are you by chance updating a preset rather than creating a new one?

Yes, I was updating a preset.

Same here, as one of many other bug

It does the same when saving a new Preset:

I have ProRes settings, do a “Create new Preset” WITH the “Include Preview and Export settings” option… and this pile automatically switches back to H265:

It is infuriating having to constantly FIGHT the software because it just does NOT DO what you set it to do.

The CURRENT settings should be saved with the Preset. And a Preset settings should TAKE PREFERENCE over the Default settings in ‘Preferences’.

How can you mess up something SO SIMPLE? :person_facepalming:t2:


And of course, it doesn’t even properly set Main10, AS IT IS IN THE PREFERENCES:


Same with the output folder. I am being forced to constantly set the output folder to “E:\Video”, because the stupid software KEEPS RESETTING IT BACK TO “.”


Confirmed all of this

Moreover if using A/B and switching (for a split view left panel remains processed…

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Confirmed. It is messed up in so many ways. Now I have to continously check the export path (even when set right the application often doesn’t care about it) and my export settings!

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I highly suggest exporting as raw .mp4 with “High” quality and re-work compression through VSDC

TVAI is an absoluate pain on this point (and on others…)

Also I will HIGHLY suggest stopping dumb button like “Low”, “Medium” and “High” and to conform to HEVC protocol

All is said there and it’s easy as heaven to code that on the UI, but as you’re allready in great trouble with making the GUi size up correctly at launch … I feel a bit desperate

I managed to obtain an output rate of 1150 Mbps (sic) for a totally incomprehensible reason and this on a sample of 2mn30… As proof, this could only be read locally, otherwise… a disaster

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