H.265 export using Constant Quality RF in 3.0.10?

Using this on a Mac M1. Is there any way to select a CQRF with h.265 export, or any plans to be added as an option? I only see the bitrate options.

Another question: are those bitrate Mb/s settings doing average, peak, constant? Thanks!

It’s all NVENC now anyway, so pretty much useless as serious final output stage. Best to just output to ProRess 422 HQ, and do a separate x265 pass yourself.

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it appears there is support for CRF, but in the CLI mode.

It’s not quite the same thing. They erroneously call constant quality CRF in that documentation. Constant rate factor can change the quality as needed. Constant quality (-global_quality) does not change. Some sections of the video will have plenty of bandwidth to be encoded without much visual loss, but others will be too complex and you will be able to see it.

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