Guess the ISO

This image was treated with AI clear and Sharpen AI. Can you guess the original ISO? It was taken with a Canon 6D MKII camera.

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my first reaction was “is that an live person, or a model” as that would influence my answer - assuming she is live and has not been botoxed to death, I would guess that the ISO is quite high - perhaps in the 40000 range

She’s a manikin, Flick. Any reason you think the ISO is 40K or just a wild guess?

I think it might be a little more realistic to guess the ISO while viewing the original image. Pretty hard to judge once the denoise plugins/adjustments have been applied.

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While I agree with you, the object is to see if the Topaz software can make acceptable pictures from a noisy file. If it can fool the viewer then it is working well. If I show the original then the that is what people will focus on (but I will show it after a few guesses). One variable is that different cameras will have more or less noise at any specific ISO so the starting point varies.

Sort of a guess, sort of not - I think that 40K is the maximum normal ISO your camera can reach.

I don’t know where this disappeared to but I had it bookmarked. The answer is ISO 102400