Grungy Look From TS2

I am using a custom Preset. Inside TS2 it looks horribly grungy; but when passed back to Photoshop - it looks significantly better - but completely different.

TS2 Look

Passed Back to Photoshop from TS2

System: latest iteration of Win 10, Nvidia drivers 441.12 4th November issue.
Nvidia RTX 2700 8Gb VRAM, 2 x 1Tb SSDs, 64Gb DDR5 RAM

Standalone version using the above .ts2 file on a Surface Pro4

I used the TS2 Project File (made using version 2.1.1) inside the standalone TS 2.2.0. This was the unacceptable result. You can see a matrix of grungy dots.

Once I export from the standalone, the picture is as it should be - the matrix of grungy dots has disappeared.


My ticket was answered by Topazlabs in a timely fashion, for which I am grateful.

It did not however, get to the answer I was seeking: opening the TS2 file on my PC gets a totally unacceptable and grungy finish; opening the same TS2 file on my Surface Pro 4, and a very useable photo is produced, with no grunginess.

How is it that the PC and the Surface Pro have such differing responses to the same TS2 file?