Grid Artifacts IN Topaz Photo AI

I still have Grid Artifacts in Topaz Photo AI V1.1.6 on many pictures proceesed.

Its the same since 1.0.1

Can i remove or prevent this or is it a bug in the sotware


I have the same issue even with Topaz Photo AI 1.2.7, on a Macbook Pro M1 Max with the Lightroom Classic plugin.
I tried to set the AI processor to CPU (as it was suggested on another thread) but I still get the grid pattern.
It’s VERY annoying to say the least and it’s really a problem as the grid is visible on some photos, even without any sort of editing.
Very disappointing…

What surprises me the most is that this “Grid pattern artifacts” problem exists since version 1.0 and that even worse the problem also exists with Topaz DeNoise while Topaz Lab seems to sleep on the switch to fix it.

This week I had to start a new contract because all my photos processed with Topaz Photo had “Grid pattern artifacts” more or less visible on the processed images.

I confirm that this problem is not caused by a problem with my images, I reprocessed all the same images with Luminar Neo to submit my contract to the client and none of them displayed “Grid pattern artifacts” once processed in Luminar Neo.

Afterwards, during a whole evening, I redid tests with a sample of 10 images to test with all the other softwares I own;

Lightroom Cllassic
ON1 PhotoRaw
Luminar Neo
ACDSEE Studio Ultimate

None of the images processed with all these softwares show “Grid pattern artifacts”, so I’ll have to put Topaz Lab aside in my work flow until this bug is fixed.

The ball is in Topaz Lab’s court