Green with envy!

I cannot remember which aquarium I took this. It had just decided to exit his hiding spot. I used mostly Photoshop and Topaz.


Great shot and processing.

Very nice!

But it brought back memories of when I saw the movie Jaws when it was 1st released. The theater was packed so we ended up in the very front row (someplace I’d normally never sit for any movie!). Plus, it was the “good old days” of large movie theaters - so the screen was ginormous. When that darn shark came out of the shipwreck for the 1st time I literally must have levitated (and know I screamed!) about 5’ from my seat. I refused to take a bath after that. Who knew what might have been lurking in the tub.

ha,ha,ha…sim. memories here when I first watched Shining in a cinema with a very large screen. This was many summers ago but I still think about it

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TY very much

TY very much.