Great Grandfather restoration

My mother is currently working on a family photo album. My grandfather did not know his fathers family however my grandmother did a lot of research and did find out who they were. Until recently we couldn’t get in contact with them however thanks to the ancestry website we were able to get in touch. They provided some great photos which I’ve started trying to restore. I’m just a hobbyist.
I used jpg to raw followed by denoise, cleaned up the dusts, scratches & damage by hand, framed to 4x6. Then I used sharpen AI and enhanced with gigapixel x6. Finally I used myheritage to bring out more details in the face. I like the soft focus it uses and feel very satisfied with the results.

Overall I think you did a pretty good job. There are two areas you could improve it a bit. The first is to reduce the sepia tone with a saturation adjust. A light sepia or B&W will look better. The second is there are some rough spots on his jacket. I use a smudge tool in many areas to smooth things. Just lower the flow and opacity so it doesn’t smear. If you have Affinity Photo or another photo program they will have a smudge tool.