GPU usage

When I use any of the AI programs all of the processing seems to be done by the CPU and not the GPU. When monitoring in Task Manager and AMD Adrenalin the CPU runs at100 % and the GPU at 10% max. Video memory maybe 1%. Topaz programs recognize the video card. Do I have something set up wrong in Topaz,Windows, or Video card software. Any help would be appreciated.

Winows 10 Pro
Intel I7 9700K - 16 gig of memory
AMD RX570 - 8 gig of memory

Check this post: How to select GPU to use by Gigapixel AI? - #3 by qquantum

Thanks for the response. I was able to resolve the issue. I needed to go to preferences and select “Enable discrete GPU”. Interesting what I did find out is that my CPU is faster than my GPU.

Do you know if Topaz Mask and adjust support the nvidia rtx2070

I believe only the AI products support GPUs but they should support the RTX2070 if you use them.

Same issue as JimH

Have tried the above mentioned and even added Topaz to Nvidia control panel to use full power. Still no difference between CPU and GPU load when switching between the two settings.

Ryzen 2700x w/ GTX 1080 Ti
GP AI v 5.5.0

Any ideas?