GPU seems to be barely used?

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if everything is normal?

I’m on the latest version of Photo AI and running a batch of images… My Processor is set to use the GPU, but it seems to be barely getting any use?

Task Manager shows:

CPU - 12 Logical Processors / 3.99 GHz, 100% Utilization (all 12 are maxed out)
GPU - RTX 3060 / 12GB Ram, hovering between what seems like 1-5% usage… The “3D” performance is the only one making any movement and it’s just quick spikes/bursts
Memory - 17.5GB / 64GB in use

Is this normal? It seems to use the CPU at 100% and rarely use the GPU even though the GPU is set as the processor?

Check the real GPU usage with a real monitor program… like GPU-Z or HWInfo!