GPU not meeting requirements!

Gigapixel 7.2.0 is telling me my GPU (nVidia 3060 with 6GB vram) “does not meet the recommended requirement to run the recovery module”. Where do I find these requirements? I don’t understand why rendering a small portion of a picture and then the whole thing should be so fiercely demanding all of a sudden. I don’t get any messages in Photo AI or Video AI. It’d be nice to be able to get the latest GPU when they are made available, but the cost and the time needed to get it all set up are considerable.

The vram requirements for the quality recovery mode are not super strict. I have a 6GB gpu and even though I get that message, the recovery still runs on the gpu. You have to make sure that other programs are not consuming vram though. So you might struggle to run it at the same time as Photoshop, for example. I recall that 8GB is the recommended minimum.

The speed recovery mode has much lower vram usage.

Thanks for that info. I use Luminar Neo, but not usually at the same time. Gigapixel’s warning message is a bit ‘in your face’ imho.