Gpu/Cpu and Keyshot renders

I am not a pro. I use AIS,AIG,AID for some pictures off the internet of my favorite actress were the photo are not released and a big size. Going to try it on some of my memes too.


In your experience which method gave you the more accurate results? Gpu or Cpu?
Why are my Keyshot renders changing colors after a denoise and 4x upscale.? I am doing fabric tests and i tested one green and holy shit the fabric went from dark green to light green. gpu and cpu were tested. I guess you can not use this on 3d images???

Also I can not find any information on compression speed 1-10. I am going to guess that slow is better?

What is compression speed and where do you see this? Jpg compression is not speed, it is the amount of compression to make a smaller file so 1 is the most compression and is brutal to an image. the least compression (10) is best.

.png file. has the speed from 1 fast to 10 slow. But as to were the whole fabric test ball goes from dark green to light green.

Interesting, I never use the png format. I tried using a Sony RAW picture in Denoise AI and saving it in the png format with a setting of 10 (slow) and 3 (fast). I then opened them both in Affinity Photo and compared them but I couldn’t see any difference. There was some green grass but it was the same color in both. There was also little difference in time and I used the GPU for processing.