"Gorgeous Afternoon"

My first shot at using Studio 1.2.8. I used first Natural Boost II, then a layer of Natural Boost I, and it was finished off with Try Again, my go-to closer.


Nice PP …

Very nice, subtle processing!

Jack, you have mentioned this Try Again preset several times… is this a public or private preset?

It is one that I came across a month or so ago; I don’t remember in which category it was located. I liked it so I made it a favorite. Lately its been appearing and disappearing. So when it appeared, I created a preset and called it Jack’s Try Again. That one never disappears.

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Thanks Jack, did your share it with the public or is it a private preset?

John, I think I did a share it with Public preset. It should be in the Clarity category. However, I am not certain. I will check it out.

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John - it is located in the Clarity category, and it is Public.

Thanks Jack, I appreciate the info.