Good way to compare preview results?

with “compare mode” gone, does anybody have a good method of comparing multiple models / tunes “inside the app” ?
Specifically talking about comparing still frame and particular zoomed-in position of the resulting video. As of right now and current video AI version, each “result” have their own zoom, frame position, keyframe remembered separately. Using anything apart from “zoom fit” make it super hard to jump between results and compare them for fine details. Additionally user is unable to switch results in “full screen” mode.

Dont get me wrong, preview window is good for rough check, but far from useful for more in deep comparison and tweaking. Ofc this can be done manually on each result, or maybe some external application which does “sync” both/all videos. Have anybody found a good trick for this ?

Well, at least I have following workaround:

I trim a short but representative cut somewhere in the video. That cut I experiment with different settings and compare those previews
Off course that is not ideal but it works.

I’ve been doing a lot of comparing today. Yes it would be nice to have the option to sync all previews with the same position, frame and zoom. Then you could just click on each preview to compare.
Since that’s not an option, I try to get as close as I can between just two previews, and throw one out before making another.

Well, we already can, right? Generate a Preview at point X, pick another model, create another Preview, etc. TVAI will keep all Preview videos open, so comparison, at the same frame, is already possible.

In that sense yes, but if you move the preview around in the zoom you have to do that on all the other previews. Also, most models take a few frames to figure things out for a scene. By only looking at the first frame from a preview, you’re always going to be looking at frames before it’s settled in.

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