Good Luck

I’m not enjoying this forum like I used to and I’ve decided to withdraw from it for a while.

For me Topaz was all about visual effects and imagery, and here was the place where new effects were introduced and developed. It was an exciting place to be. But I’m finding it’s not like that any more.

It seems now that it’s all about getting AI apps to work, the same ones over and over again, where very little is new. Problems always begin with the installer which, with each iteration, rarely, works first time, and then all the bits that we got working last time have gone astray and have to be retested. It’s really frustrating. My enjoyment comes from the definitive images I am able to produce using Topaz products, and here used to be the place where we could try out new ideas and help develop them into something novel. This novelty side of Topaz appears to have disappeared .

For me Topaz was synonymous with visual manipulation and the AI stuff holds very little excitement, especially the endless reiteration, though I understand it is the professional market that Topaz is trying to tap into, but it is not my bucket. I like to make pictures, I’m not a pixel peeker.

I’ll continue to post images using Topaz’s image apps over in Jack Torcello’s excellent Facebook forum, and in the meantime I’ll keep an eye on things here and hope that Topaz get back to making visually interesting stuff that I can get enthusiastic about.


We’ll miss you - you are one of original talent, one of the best!

Yes, it has strayed away a lot from artistic expression to mainly an AI technical issue
has this forum; but I still produce creatively - with or without this forum.

You will be missed.

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I can’t put a “like” on your post Ray because I will miss your talent and input, but I can’t disagree with you. I wish they’d get back to the unique creative apps that drew me to them in the first place.


Hi Ray, understand your frustration and I have to agree with your comments, but we would still like to see your images here … please continue to post your work so we can continue to enjoy.


I’d like to “second” that request. Pretty please. :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope this hiatus is short. I enjoy the thoughtful treatment of your subjects

We will all miss you. I agree with much of what you’ve stated.

I love your work, so don’t stay away too long. We will miss you

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I agree with your statements, Ray. In my opinion the main reason is that Topaz unfortunately is not able to deliver functional software (if AI or not). When you think e.g. about how long we have been waiting already for Studio 2 with the features of Studio 1…
Once they get their act together things will hopefully change. In the meantime - as I do not like Facebook - I will stay here and follow the discussions. See you (hopefully) soon here again, Ray! Cheers Peter


A big thank you for your previous posts Ray. I have really enjoyed your images and you have been inspiring.

I am in absolute agreement with your feeling about Topaz. You have been able to put into words my feelings about their products and direction.

Keep on creating
Cheers Sharon

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First I want to say thank you Mond for all the wonderful and creative images you have posted. I agree with your feelings about this forum - it certainly is not what it used to be!

But perhaps you might reconsider about posting images here… it only takes a moment, and besides who titles their images like you do?

Anyway, best wishes for whatever you decide - I’m sure you’ll keep creating.

I will miss your images Mond , i have very much enjoyed looking at them and admiring your talent ! I myself agree totally with you and for me i stopped buying when Topaz become involved with the iCloud community . I do not have any investment with any iCloud community anywhere on the internet . Basically the iCloud is a place to rent , not own your investment . I still have and use all my Topaz products but each and all is my products and really all the old products produce much better images with the right kind of edits . I seen these problems coming long ago starting with iCloud . Thank goodness i chose to not join the iCloud . However take care and please post some of your new or old work with the old Topaz products ! I still enjoy looking and commenting on great images !

Hey Aidon!

Could I get connected with a representative from Topaz regarding a project that my company is working on that we’re using Topaz for! It’s a Netflix documentary. Thank you!!


Why don’t you write to and ask them to forward your proposal to the executive responsible for strategic biz development? In a small company like Topaz, that will likely be the CEO (who issued the recent message re: product updates) under the General discussion forum… Good luck!