Glow loads. Impression loads. But both don't work

Hello. I have a Windows 10 computer, I5 chip, 16 gigs RAM. Both Glow and Impression load, but with Glow, the program just hangs. None of the presets show. Nothing I do will change my photo. I don’t get an error message, but I have to close the program via Task Manager. With Impression, it loads, but my photo never loads. I also have to close Impression via Task Manager. Please help.
All my other Topaz products work.
(I am not using Studio)
By the way, both Impression and Glow work fine on my ancient 4-gig RAM Windows 7 computer.

More times than not these kind of problems are caused by the graphic card that needs updating or an integrated one. Here is the list of requirements. Glow and Impression are graphically intensive. If you have recently downloaded an upgrade for Impression or Glow, they both now require the use of Studio.