Glow Category in v1.8.5 has 133 Effects and no categories

It would be nice to have the 133 standard effects broken up into categories instead of 133 under the Glow entry …

Aren’t these categories? Or am I misunderstanding you?

Strange … yesterday it didn’t show any categories as you can see in the image above,vand today it does, still buggy.

Actually, your screenshot shows what happens when you simply click the Glow option in the Workflow panel. This will happen 100% of the time that you make that action. Instead, click the down caret v adjacent to the Glow workflow title, and you’ll see the subcategories. If you find yourself on the All list, just click the hamburger menu again (blue icon adjacent to search field, left side), and you’ll see those options again.

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Thanks for the info Joe…that clears up a lot of problems I had navigating the Panels.

I realise that Joe, but there were no categories yesterday. Must have been because of the update although it was only the adjustment for the digital frame.