Giving New Meaning to Armchair Traveling

When I see beautiful landscapes or clouds sometimes I shoot them with the intention of them becoming personal stock and backdrops for me to composite with. I do the reverse with classic cars. Like this 1966 Ford T-Bird (used in the film Thelma & Louise) that I saw at Petersen Automotive (in Los Angeles). By using some Topaz Adaptive Exposure and Simplify and some compositing & lighting adjustments in Ps CC 2019 I created a winter road trip for myself to add some adventure to what’s been a quiet holiday season… Nothing like getting out to take a shot of “your” car while on a virtually empty road in a stunning place, eh. It beats going over a cliff with it!


Beautiful work …

Thank you!

I like it very much.

I appreciate that!

This is a great composite!

Composite works great and fantastic scenery !!

Very nice!!!

Nicely done …

Thank you, that’s nice to hear

Thx Bob!

I’m glad you like it!

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That’s good to know the composite is believable!

Interestingly, I just got a “comment” on this post that was a XXX-rated image. The sending user name on it was “Black3Beast”.

When I tried to tag it as a bad email as I deleted it from my personal email queue & tried to designate that I wanted the sender ‘blocked’ from sending me email again it came up with a response that asked me to confirm that I wanted emails from “Joe Fredric” blocked…

Joe F. has your email become infected? Or, is there still something pernicious in the entire Topaz Labs website. That email just showed up in my email this a.m. (Dec. 28, 2018).

I do not see the same posting above in the messages on my acct here on the Topaz site.

Perhaps the FBI should be engaged at this point to deal with this unlawful, pornographic use of communications across an interstate telecommunications network!!!

Very nice composite and i like the lighting

Thx Ken! That’s so nice to hear. Thx for writing…