Girl Watercolour

Glowing Lines/Inverted/Monochrome in Multiply Blend (GLIM); Seven Styles Watercolour; GLIM again in Divide Blend;

Topaz Studio So Soft; Topaz Clarity Soft Colours 1. Pexels CC0 License.

Girl!” Artwork © Jack Torcello


I suspect that the elegant text formatting has had to go - have you seen the forum on a mobile phone? Its a mess - the formatting was prolly too much!

Jack I have made the point to @JoeFedric-TL but I suspect he’s rather busy with many things since the “crash” and I think cellphones might be lower on his priority list.
As for the image - wow oh wow - I think of the Venice series and I see these current images and I think “that’s Jack Torcello” - love the pose and texture in this one

You are correct, mobile has a low priority right now. I know it’s messy, and yes it bothers me. However, it is on my list to get taken care of. Just takes some time :slight_smile:

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Great job Jack …

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I really like this image! Nice work, Jack!

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Very creative processing and very nice result!

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I presume that your list, should it resemble the one I possess, will soon reach its glass transition point - polymer scientist language - the point at which it is no longer rubbery and stretchy and elastic but becomes brittle ----- and break!

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Nah. That sounds like a you thing :slight_smile:

do we expect the Cellphone fix shortly then?