GigapixelAI vs PhotoAi

I tried Gigapixel online (with watermarks) and elected to purchase it only to discover that it has been replaced by PhotoAI. I proceeded with the purchase of PhotoAI that supposedly includes Gigapixel. Comparing the results on the same processed photo, the result generated by Gigapixel is superior to the one created PhotoAI. WHY ?

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Ahhh, the eternal question…

May be you can post an example here and what setting you used ?

TPAI have a built-in feature called “AutoPilot,” but it often selects the wrong model and settings, resulting in images that are worse than they should be.

Attached are: The original image, the one processed by Gigapixle and the one by PhotoAI.
Thanks for attention !

According to the file name of the attached photo, the second one is from TPAI and the thrid one is from Gigapixel.

The Gigapixel’s image have cleaner faces because “Face Recovery” is turned on and applied to all faces. In Gigapixel, you cannot select faces. Once you enable it, all the faces will be enhanced.

But in TPAI, you can select which faces you want to enhance. By default, TPAI “AutoPilot” only select low resolution faces, because “Recovering face” may sometimes make high resolution faces look less detail/blurry.

If you want to enable “Face Recovery” for large faces in TPAI, you can click on “Recovering face” → “select face” → select All faces → apply.

You can also set Face Recovery default to all faces in Perference.

スクリーンショット 2023-11-25 230442

An then people come up and say TPAI is bad. :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Because Gigapixel was specialised for upscaling images!