Gigapixel Will Not Open. Missing the uninstall file

Gigapixel AI is not properly installed it seems so will not open as a stand-alone or as a plugin. I cannot find the ininstall.exe file. The shortcut points to the uninstall.exe file in the DeNoise AI folder. Revo cannot find it. What should I do?

Install Gigapixel over the existing files? Then uninstall then re-install? Use Revo to un-install? Perhaps I can be sent a link to download the Gigapixel uninstall file?

The De-Noise AI, Photo AI and Sharpen AI work fine.

My PC OS: Window 10, 64bit.

Please help.

The program works for me, but still, I can’t uninstall it either. The “uninstall.exe” file is missing for me too.

I’ve tried reinstalling it on top of the existing installation, but still, the uninstall file doesn’t appear. So, maybe it’s missing from the original installation files that we download?

Topaz support, please reply. How do we uninstall Gigapixel without an uninstall.exe program? My existing installations are corrupt and I can’t (and won’t) purchase an update until I know I can uninstall the existing versions. Thank you.

Here too.

Ever since the latest update GigaPixel will do the first image (yet significantly slower), but then it freezes and takes MINUTES before the next (and the next, and the next) are done.

Killing the app through the Task Manager (Windows 11) is the only “solution.”

Isn’t that obviously a bug?

The fact that you can’t even uninstall, because of the missing file, emphasizes this version should not even have been rolled out.

So it seems more than “just reinstalling”. That may not do the trick.

It seems a matter of also fixing this “update.”

Until then, how can I reinstall the PREVIOUS version (which worked like a charm)?

Don’t let your paying customers wait too long, Topaz.
Thank you!

Kind regards,
Sydney (Netherlands)

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Same problem here. Previous version was working fine but this latest version will not launch. Windows version on Windows 11.

I had the same problem. A I always keep the previous version, I reinstallation 6.2.2 which went swift without troubles. The I used its uninstaller which worked flawlessly and installed V 7.0.2 through the msi file downloaded through my Topaz account.