Gigapixel weird colors. What's causing this?

I have just begun using Gigapixel and the photos that I import into it come in as weird colors. Is there some setting that I am supposed to be making before bringing the photos into Gigapixel?

I am working on a Microsoft desktop Windows 10 and the latest version of Gigapixel.

Which color profile does your input image use? A.I. Gigapixel requires a standard RGB profile :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, Joe. The input color profile was RGB. Perhaps tomorrow I could upload to the forum the input photo and the output. Might that help?

This isn’t very descriptive. Here are a few specific RGB color profiles that can be used with your image:

  • sRGB
  • Adobe RGB
  • ProPhoto RGB
  • Wide Gamut RGB
  • DCI-P3

Can you take a closer look at the image and find the specific profile that’s being used?