GigaPixel Webinar only 1000 places available

When I went to join the webinar on Gigapixel shortly before 2 pm PDT today, I got a message that the webinar was full. I registered as soon as registrations were opened. Topaz should not allow more people than they can handle to register for important webinars. I planned my entire afternoon around this webinar. (This has happened more than once.)

Heath apologised - he clicked the button for only 1000 attendees instead of 2000. It finished early so the recording should be available soon. There’s a note on FB too.

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If @Heath_Robinson could post a link to the recording here please :slight_smile:

How do I delete this post that I made?

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You cannot delete the thread. As Paul said in his reply you can delete individual posts.

Although Heath mentioned he made an error I have been closed out of 1 webinar once. I learned that it’s best to login to the webinar at least 10 minutes before it starts to help in preventing this from happening.

I did get to see the GP webinar and found it Very Informative in truly understanding GP and its full use and value.

Funny thing is that it’s been a day or so and I have not received a follow up email to watch it again or pass on the link?
It is not on the Topaz website Webinar page either? Maybe someone should PM Heath for the link?
I just sent him an invite to this post hoping he replies with the info.

Sorry about that, I just now saw this post. If you enter your information here you can watch the full recording.


Again apologies for that mistake. I hope y’all can forgive me, i’ve already been set to be lashed 40 times with a CAT5e Cable from @JoeFedric-TL


Heath, we have all been there. Please let it go. My concern in missing it was that have some unanswered questions about Gigapixel. I watched the recording which I thought focused primarily upon the razzle-dazzle of Gigapixel. After watching it and going back to Gigapixel, I realized that I had picked up some misinformation from the webinar. When I went back to it a second time, I realized that he had his Gigapixel interface on top of his Photoshop interface. Some of the things that he was doing were actually being done in Photoshop, i.e., cropping an image. One of the things that was not mentioned was the value of Gigapixel with images that are mildly cropped, or not cropped at all. I think that any image that you are going to print would benefit from being run through Gigapixel. I have found that it picks up things that I never imagined. Topaz is doing a great job using A.I. I am finding A.I. Clear and A.I. Gigapixal to be indispensable to my workflow.