Gigapixel v6.3.3

Only way is to switch to cpu at this moment. We have made a fix, and sent to several related Nvidia gpu users to verify. You can expect a patch soon.

Hi. I’m impressed with GigapixelAI. However, since version 6.3.2. the following problem: at size 0.5x and 2x I have horizontal lines in the result when using Standard and HQ mode. When using the GPU and Auto. If I only use the CPU, the error does not exist. But also very, very, very slowly. As I said, only at size 0.5x and 2x in connection with Standard and HQ mode and with GPU or Auto processing. All other size/mode combinations will work. But as I read here, the problem is known in one way or another. Please troubleshoot. thanks

The new models can give amazing results but also very over the top ones. On some cases the old standard/natural model were better.
Why are they removed and replaced by the new models ? Why not just simply keep them alongside with the new models ? The more choice in models we have the better it is.


Hello support,
also in the version Gigapixel V6.3.2 I have the problem that when I save the image the app crashes. Gigapixel also crashes when I set the zoom level to “zoom to fit”. This is very annoying because I have not been able to use Gigapixel for a few weeks now.
I have Gigapixel installed on a Mac mini 2018. The operating system running is macOS 13.1
Please bring out an update as soon as possible in which the problem has been fixed.
Ciao Holger

By the way, the previews now, finally, match the output. I used 5.7.1 before which had a “preview” that was, at best, a rough estimation of the result, often enough failing dramatically. I don’t know which version since then has solved the problem, but with 6.3 I am very satistied with the consistence of the preview to the respective output.

I’m going through some ancient low-res digital images as well as scans from old prints, pushing GP to the limit (as I always do) in preparation for writing a new blog post.

I just did this highly cropped 4X example using a scan of a 1976 silk-textured 3x5 print!

What I noticed immediately: Even though this image requires a bit of “Mr. Potato Head” facial feature replacement, it’s very believable. Original lighting and expression are retained. Also, areas outside of the face are being refined as well, with only a tiny bit of the edge of the face mask showing at the top of her shoulder areas. It used to be you either got all-image refinement or face-only.

Fun fact: GP is working on this 2013 MacBook Air running unsupported Monterey! Soon I will test on the 2020 M1 MacBook Pro running Ventura 13.2 gold master.

I deactivated the gamma correction on purpose because by activating it on this image, the result was a little less good.

I have installed this ( iMac) it seems to work but at the processing steps its stay in processing without any result

By the way, I’d love a button or menu item to save at least one set of settings as a preset. I use the fourfold preview with two standard settings (one auto, one manual), one HQ (auto) and one low res (auto) to find out what suits best. I sometimes fiddle with the settings, resulting in the “auto” modes to be switched off, and when I load another picture I have to re-activate the “auto” switches for each preview in which it went to “off”. So, I’d like a way to save the combination “standard/manual - standard/auto - HQ/auto - LoRes/auto” as a preset, ideally to be restored with one click of a button. Of course, not the values of the prewiews running “auto” should be restored but the fact that the respective window was in “auto”-mode.

And while we’re at it, I suggested long ago that, in addition to the “width”, “height” and “scale” settings the devs implement a fourth setting allowing to set the output image size in Megapixels. Thanks to the devs for their consideration!

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That means there is a bug with Gigapixel v6.3.2 in this case because there are no blue/cyan things in the original photo.

I always find these textures bizarre, distracting, and ugly. I can’t stand them. And we cannot remove or disable them. It’s a pain, to be honest, and reduces the quality and realism significantly.

As Gigapixel does not calculate the depth of field, they are everywhere. These strange textures always look more like crocodile skin than anything else. It’s really bizarre.

Has anyone compared the quality of upscaling between Gigapixel AI 6.3.2 and the version of Photo AI recently released? Just wondering if PAI makes use of the new models.

Yes, there are (many?) situations in which the fake textures seem inadequate and a gross exaggeration of what the pictures looks like in reality. OTOH, GPAI is constantly getting better at “guessing” certain textures such as animal fur. 6.3 has so far been another leap forward compared to previous versions. It would be interesting to know (from the devs, that is) if the false textures are the downside of algorithms making better and better guesses as to “real” textures as in animal fur. BTW, sharpen AI has a quite capable masking tool which makes it easy to exempt areas from being sharpened unwantedly. I am aware that this may be more complicated as to upsizing a picture, but in situations with unwanted textures being added to backgrounds a masking tool would probably a solution to avoid “crocodile skin” as seen in the picture posted here,.

the new model have not been integrated in PAI yet.

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Hi Yuan, i’ve been testing 6.3.2 today, using HQ images from a Canon 5DIII (4x scale) and i’m noticing that there’s a lot of noise reduction being applied to my images, even when all NR is disabled. This wouldn’t be too much of a problem, but i’m seeing square 320px blocks of variable noise throughout my images in areas of flat color.
Here’s a sample from the green channel where the noise blocks are most obvious.

Hi! You can try reducing Fix Compression - that slider also has effect of removing noise/details, and can prob cause non uniform processing.

I’ve noticed the same problem. Adjusting the sliders usually affects and reduces these very obvious blurry blocks, but never eliminates them.

By the way, I still don’t understand why the devs decided to reduce the quality of the “highest” quality setting (10) so that the file size is about half of what it was in 5.7.1. There is clearly a loss of quality, respectively an introduction of JPG artefacts with the new “highest” quality JPG setting. Yes, you can save lossless and convert afterwards but why not leave the decision on JPG quality to the user? I make output files of about 9 Megapixels which used to be between 5 and 8 Megabytes with GPAI 5.7.1 while 6.3.2 yields a JPG output 2.5 to 3.5 MB in size with JPG quality set to 10.

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When I use v.6.3.3 as a PS-plug-in, I get a bothering small window about I have launched Gigapixel. Though the window should be under the window of Gigapixel itself:

If I close the window Gigapixel also closes. It can close even if I move the window from the center.

When I try to launch Gigapixel again it does not work properly:

The issues appear when I launch Gigapixel second or third time (the first time it seems to work well).


I installed Gigapixel and installed it again, but the issue is still here.

PS is the latest version.

And, yes, the folder with Gigapixel does not contain a file uninstall.exe:

I had to uninstalled the application in Uninstall Tool.

But now even that does not work:


I seem to have resolved the problem. I had to clean the registry and then to install v.6.3.3 again. I think I was wrong then I installed v.6.3.3 without uninstalling previous v. 5.7.3. So, the registry still contained something from v.5.7.3.