Gigapixel v6.3.3 crop tool distorts aspect ratio

The crop tool in Gigapixel v6.3.3 is distorting aspect ratio of images. For example, taking a source PNG at 1456x816 (16:9 output from Midjourney, 16.06:9 in practice) and cropping it using “original” aspect ratio claims the image source is 1389.48x816 (ratio of 15.325:9) instead. If I crop with “original” ratio then I get an output image at 15.325:9. If I select 16:9 then I get a distorted image as a 16:9 output.

Normal GP processing uses the source image correctly, and upscales to an output of 2560x1435 as expected.

Note: this is happening with all images I’ve tested, regardless of source or format. A JPG at 2560x1440 (previously output from GP) is detected as being 2443.04x1440.