Gigapixel v6.1.0

Thank you as well Brian for all of your work as well!

I added the link to paragraph 2 of the blog post.

I’ll PM you with a separate question.

With face recovery ON the processing is very slow so it kills all the performance improvement for my RTX 3090.

Also sometimes eyes colors don’t seem very well respected, grey, hazel eyes turning into brown for example

I wished the skin, iris texture to be a little more detailed to avoid the blurriness on some images.


Actually one bug I’ve seen a lot is the final stage of “blended, and positioned accordingly” will actually be a pixel or so out of alignment with the original. This is seen easily in preview as you toggle between the original and new image.

Not sure if this somehow is related to how crop also sometimes get the coordinates completely wrong after you’ve selected it as that tends to be WAY out. I often crop images into portraits, especially useful now with the new face recovery but someone with their arms by their sides I will crop with a few pixels spare but when I confirm half their arm is missing as the crop position is shifted to the left. This is on Mac.

Haven’t been able to test on Windows yet as on there if I click Crop it loses the aspect ratio entirely.

Glad you got it to work. Copying the tgrc folder to the Topaz Gigapixel AI folder under my user path… did not work. Bummer. Did you do anything else? Thx.

I don’t remember doing anything else, sorry. :frowning: Maybe you should contact Topaz support about it. It’s pretty unprofessional from Topaz to still have this problem when they know about this issue for over a year at least. They can’t not know that a lot of people don’t work under admin accounts for security reasons. It’s the only software I’ve ever used that has this issue and needs me to do manual post installation work in order to work at all. They should fix this asap. I’ve already reported this, but nothing seems to be done.

Strange, i’ve also a user Profile (and Admin) and it does work without moving the folders.
I had this problem in the past too.

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In version 6.1 there is still the big bug that I reported in 6.0. That is to say that as a Photoshop plugin it does not manage the transparency of the layers. Indeed, when sending to Gigapixel, my transparent background becomes white in Gigapixel and remains white after applying the modifications and returning to Photoshop. As if the layer was flattened. This bug appeared with the 6.0 update. And the only temporary solution I had to solve the problem was to make a mask that takes the shape of my object on the layer. I didn’t have to do this on versions before v6 because it preserved the transparency of the layer without the use of layer masks. In standalone and external mode, it works well though. Only plugin mode has this problem.

I am not able to download the model files. I am on a gigabit connection. The download starts very slowly. Right now 18MB in one minute. Then if I leave it alone it shows an error message that it couldn’t complete and asks me to check if I am connected to the internet. I am on my second attempt and it is going the same way as the first failed one. Any suggestions? I am not able to use the product.

Thanks for the reply. I can start Gigapixel as an admin user (which I am anyway)… but it still doesn’t work. I did open a support ticket a few days ago… but after giving my specs from windows and graphic info from Gigapixel’s menu option… and describing the issue in detail they still asked for a ‘screen shot’ of the error… which I just sent. Anyway, I’ll update you if I get a resolution or root cause. Thanks again.

You should contact Topaz support and also give them where you are located, are you using a VPN, have you tested the connection using another vendor download in the US? Also, are you on a Mac or Windows machine and if Windows are you Windows 10 or 11 (or MAC OS)? Always critical info that users never post.

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20, 45 & almost 80 megapixels in one image.

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Hello i have a small issue, maybe i’m missing something.

I try to do batch export by x2 of a lot of pictures, no specific enhancement, just Standard with 0 noise remove and 0 blur remove. just applying the standard model + face recovery. but i crop All the pictures and the crop is different for each images.

processing one image per one image is ok, but if i check the Select All button, I understand it’s applying the same crop of the picture selected to all the others.
Question : is there a way to process all the pictures without having the crop being changed for each pictures ? because clicking to “Save” picture by picture when there is 200 pictures to process is a bit… ;). (unless best is to crop the picture in an other software and use Giga on the cropped picture, something that i can do, but as Gigapixel has a crop feature and a batch feature :smiley: )
Thank you !

You didn’t state it but all images should be the same orientation (landscape or Portrait) and the same pixel size. If this is correct then you probably should contact Topaz support.

Same orientation yes, but not the same size (Weight change, Height is the same). ok, that’s why it’s not working. so must do the crop before processing in gigapixel. All pictures must have same size.

is it scheduled in a future version to allow different size ? (thanks for the answer)

I don’t know but how can the program determine where to crop if the pictures are different sizes? In some cases the crop may be larger in pixels than the picture itself. I think you will need to manually crop each one to get what you need and probably using a photo program would be best unless it is just one or two images. Ron

it seems i maybe badly explained what i was talking about, sorry, english is not my mother langage, and sometimes, i have difficulties to tell what i want.

I’m talking about doing batch processing of picture with different size, but OF COURSE, i’m doing manual crop for each of them myself ! I was refering to this because the feature to make batch import/export/processing is possible with VEAI, so was asking why it was not possible with Gigapixel, unless the feature is missing.

in VEAI, we import different videos, we can edit them all and have the same settings for all the videos imported, or different setting for each of them, and render them. I thought that the same was Gigapixel and it seems not, or maybe i’m missing something. but of course, i’m doing manual crop and setting for each picture.

Here is the workflow :
1 - Importing 20 pictures of different size
2 - want to have them processed with Standard, height setup at 2160, Remove blur = 0 , remove noise = 0, i’m doing it, and check that all the pictures have this setting. they are, and they are displayed in the list.
3 - cropping each picture manually one by one, everything is ok in the list, 560x2160, 1256x2160 etc…
4 - once finished, i think that clicking on the save button would display a “do you want to process all the pictures” like on VEAI but it is not. it’s only processing the picture selected.
5 - there is a “Select All” button, so i try it, without touching anything (if we do that in VEAi, it’s apply the setting change to all the other videos)
6 - I hit save, and all the pictures are saved with the manual crop i did on the first picture or maybe the one selected when i hit Save. so all of them have 560x2160… erasing all the manual crop I did for each picture.

hope it’s a bit more clear.

P.S : it’s the same as processing 20 pictures with 200% Standard, but each of them are manually cropped.

It started to crash. I upscale 5mb files x2. Preview works fine. It crashes while saving a file.
2022-05-30-08-31-48-Main.tzlog (229.2 KB)

It “should” work, but crop has some odd bugs in this release.

Your English is very good so it was just a lack of detail. I now understand and it is a bug that each picture doesn’t remember the individual crop. The only solution I found in GAI is to apply settings to the whole group (all checked) if that is what you want. Then select each photo individually and crop and then save it before going to the next picture. Do this down the list. I will try to bring this up in the next beta.

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Please add a mask tool (or some other method) to Gigapixel, so the user can fine tune the face recovery area of the image more precisely.