Gigapixel v5.7 output height error

i have three images selected and i have set a custom height of 4000 pixels. all three images show the same height in the selection panel. however, when i click on the next image in the list, the output height is now showing 873 pixels, instead of 4000.

I have also same problem after latest two version. Before it remembered my Output high value. Now its something like hundreds of pixels. If I prosessing several photos at the same time. Have to every time write it again for next photo. So annoying. Something to do With lightroom on Gigapixel but should fixed and fast.

GPX 5.7.x still has a few kinks to work out… :smirk:

This is a reply to ikelsall

Yes. I can can confirm that.
When I select scale, it defaults to custom, and the custom defaults to 0.20. If I set that to 1.00 and if I click through the three images, it remains at 1.00 as it should.

But if I select height, set that to 4000, it will set 4000 as the height for all three images, but if I click on them, each one reverts to 0.20 of its original height, so an image that was 2272 high will show in the output height setting box as 454px. It will still show as 4000 in the image details display and will output at 4000.

Having clicked on the image details line, and seen the output height box go to 0.20 x the image’s original value, if I change to scale the custom value has changed back to 0.20. If I change it to 1.0 and then change back to Height, the height box then displays the original height (2272) in this instance.

Perhaps who ever checked this may have been on a coffee high at the time.

I can second on GP forgetting and randomizing output height when adding multiple images.
In addition what disturbs me the most is that whenever I go over my batch, adjust the crop for each of them and then re-set the output height, then the output files are cropped almost randomly and not at all where I set the crop.
In addition it seems that the output file size is often just plain wrong, most often it seems tha the files are not resized at all.

i have been experiencing the same problem, getting exported images that do not match my original crops in the batch i had just edited. this custom height error reset needs urgent attention, it is a fundamental flaw within the program.

I also have this same output height problem. I always use a set output height, but each image I drage and rop into the program defaults to a .20 scale. Or it just lops off the last digit. So 256 instead of 2560 px height. The image preview is just a tiny picture. I have to manually change it constantly.

I upgraded to 5.7.3 and this started happening. Now I’m all the reversing my updates trying to find a version of Gigapixel without this problem.