Gigapixel v5.7.2

Unlike usual, I updated right away and haven’t had any problems yet.

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All the new neural filters downloaded & work too?

Glad yours was okay. At this point I’ll wait another 2 wks. If any issues I’d be on hold with Adobe for 2 hrs after all the Blk Fri newbies consume phone help… :wink: I want to direct my 2022 to a custom drive (F:) so not sure if anything screwy might happen while keeping 2021 on C:

yes they work.

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Great product still and I enjoy using it thoroughly!

I’ve still been plagued with the output width/height dimensions resetting when changing AI models after processing an image. It’s just one more step along the path to image creation which adds up to more clicks and re-entering data.

Gigapixel v 5.7.1 worked as plug-in in Photoshop 23.0.2 on MacOS 11.6.

But once I updated Gigapixel v 5.7.2, plug-in has disappeared in Photoshop. Deleted plug-in and reinstalled following the official instruction, but the problem persists.

Any thoughts?

The same for me. Additionally, I also tried rolling back to 5.7.1 as well as a complete re-installation of Gigapixel AI, but nothing did not solve the problem for me…

Did you try this?

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Yes, I did exactly those steps, but the problem persists.

So both of you updated to Ps 2022 and that’s where you couldn’t get the GAI Ps plugin to work?

And, you are both using Mac? Or Win too?

Personally, I’m on Photoshop CC 2022 v23.0.2 and Gigapixel plugin version still works great.

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That’s a cool image, BTW. What is is of?

Again, some trial and error.

Here is the whole picture.

What do you think of your results? Good - just right? Too sharpened? Other?

I find it very good for the fact that I’ve only ever worked with 20 megapixels for 13 years.

I had an R5 to test last year, and I tried a lot and decided I’d rather buy the camera with fewer megapixels.

Also because I was not satisfied with the Focus of the R5.

I sharpened with sharpen.

Meanwhile, the result is almost the same as if I had a camera with the same number of megapixels as the enlarged image, the differences are minimal.

Of course it is better if you had more megapixels but from about 40 - 50 megapixels you can upscale to 150 without problems and the images are identical (except for a few aliasing effects).

I have noticed that the detail resolution decreases with increasing distance to the subject and that this cannot be restored even with more megapixels (native).

I would be very interested to know if a double precision model (FP64) would bring more detail.

I will borrow an R3 when available and also take a couple of medium format photos so I have images to experiment with.

The medium format pictures I have used so far are not mine.

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I have been using PS2022 since it was released in October and until the initial upgrade to GAI 5.7.2, both we’re working fine together. Since then, I cannot get the GAI automate action back with any attempt to fix it.

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I disagree. I do see artificial “detail” in your image which are not and may not be present in the real animal (e.g. take a close look at the eye), and tips of the hair look way worse than they would if you have a high-megapixel camera, or even another upscale algorithm w/o AI and the excessive “making up” of non-existing detail.

This is an image that represents a naquadah-reactor as seen in the early seasons of Stargate SG-1

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Yes, that will be so.

As a rule, the result is worse with more megapixels because diffraction starts very early.

The hair should be smooth, maybe the LowRes model is better here, this one was standard, I took it because it had more details at the eye.

I am working on it

Compare the level of detail of my image with those of all of the images in this gallery.

There is hardly a picture among them that Gigapixel can’t match.

Maybe the pictures of the kid with the glasses, the decoration of the glasses could be a challenge.

I give it a try.


OK, I would love to upload it here, but don’t want any trouble.

It is the picture between the colored balls and the Ferris wheel.

The girl with the glasses, this picture (ARW, 8640 x 5760) I have opened in Adobe Camera Raw (without denoising, sharpening etc.) downsized to 12 megapixels (4320 x 2880).

If you then enlarge it back to the original size, the gigapixel image (Standard Model of 5.7.2) is about sharper than the original and all the details are there.

The rest of the images in this gallery can be easily done with Gigapixel, the important thing is that you enlarge the image before you sharpen it, de-noising is ok.

And there is nothing artificial, the artificiality of my image comes from the fact that my processing is very strong, I would have to optimize it more.

Naturel enough?

I denoised it with DxO, photographed it at ISO 1000.