Gigapixel v5.3.1

That’s the one! The ‘joke panel’ needs to go. :^)

Maybe I don’t understand your point. The second picture, which you say is processed with Denoise AI only, is much sharper. So how is that using Gigapixel? Since neither is processed with Sharpen AI (Stabilize is best for many pictures) there is nothing to compare with it.

Why? It is easy to ignore. In fact I never noticed it until it was mentioned. Of course, I normally use my GPU which is fairly fast.

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There is something like it in Skylum Aurora HDR as well. Never bothers me and I can see it is working.

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I agree Ron.


Unfortunately when I try to install the update, Gigapixel gives me an error message saying that it cannot find the \AppData\Local\Temp\TopazGigapixelAI-5.3.1-windows-x64-Online-Installer.exe program, yet when I look using Windows Explorer, it’s right where Gigapixel says it isn’t. Since I used Gigapixel to download the installer and run the installer, why doesn’t Gigapixel find the installer?

I’m jealous… Wish my GPU could handle it w/out crashing. That would be great! I have GPU envy.

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Hi James,

You can use the link to the full installer at the top of this page. This’ll circumvent any issue you’re having with the online installer.

Nice, no more artifact with gpu mode, but still more blurry than cpu mode. I’m still using cpu mode until gpu mode is 100% fixed.

Whoa, really?? It was supposedly a huge burden to take on!

Can confirm. CPU gives sharper results than GPU.

5.3.0 and 5.3.1 (2017 SSD iMac, Catalina). If you have a TIFF in the queue, GP crashes and the computer restarts. This happened to me twice some days apart (I missed changing one image to JPEG first this evening).

The same photo is processing as JPEG now without issue (so far…).

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There is a huge diference between GPU and CPU in some cases. This is the same image with the same preset (all set to 0) with the compress mode:

Same on standard mode too.


Great!Now I can turn on the GPU option, and so far there is no problem, the VINO crash can be avoided. But I still hope that issue is fixed, because my CPU is running faster compared to the GPU.

Hi Taylor:
I mentioned these two points earlier in the thread, but no one has picked up on them.

  1. GP AI will not process files that have a ? in the filename. This is the case with other Topaz products too, but I have not encountered it in any of the other photo processing apps I have used. Is it an inherent issue or can it be fixed?
  2. In batch mode, the counter at the top right of the screen is out of kilter. It starts at 0 rather than 1, so ends one short of the actual number of files processed.

If you are on Windows the following reserved characters cannot be used in a filename …

  • < (less than)
  • ‘>’ (greater than)
  • : (colon)
  • " (double quote)
  • / (forward slash)
  • \ ( backslash )
  • | (vertical bar or pipe)
  • ? (question mark)

These are characters reserved by the os.

Don, I am on a Mac and they can be used in filenames. As I said, I have never had any issues with other apps not recognising a ? ( I use it mostly when I am not sure what the photograph is of)

I think it’s showing the number that have been completed, rather than the one currently being processed. When completed it correctly shows e.g. 3 of 3:

That’s as may be, but while it is actually processing it is out of kilter. I have just batch processed 106 files. It started at 0 and while it was processing the last it said it was processing 105 of 106. Only when the process completed did it say that 106 files had been processed.

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