Gigapixel v5.0.2

Download: Windows, Mac
Released July 8, 2020.


  • Gigapixel now correctly remembers when an image has been modified, so that the “Save Changes” dialog doesn’t show unnecessarily when closing images or closing the application
  • Preview won’t update as long as zoom slider is pressed
  • 32,000x32,000 cap functions correctly in both dimensions
  • When launched as an external editor, no longer quits after saving and allows you to choose the output options. No longer overwrites the original image.

Known Issues

  • When zooming out with the scroll wheel or zoom slider, the Navigator outline sometimes does not match up with the section of the image being previewed. Clicking inside of the Navigator panel or on the preview will reset it
  • Resolution metadata does not correctly get saved out with certain images
  • Switching between scaling types (inches, centimeters, px / in, px / cm, etc) sometimes doesn’t calculate the correct size

If you have any issues using this version such as crashes, hangs, metadata issues or other errors, you can submit your logs and test images here . The images used when an error occurs are always helpful for us when pinning down what the issue is.


Downloaded and installed without a problem on my Windows 10 machine.

Tried to exceed it - but failed.

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Good to hear :slight_smile: thanks Paul!

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Hi Taylor, I thought that overwriting the source was part of the requirements for any external editor/plugin because, otherwise, you would need to synchronize the folder in your host application. This we have always been able to do.

Now it will not overwrite the original at all, whereas previously there was no problem overwriting JPEGs just and issue with the TIF images.

I found an other enhancer this called “Remini” i think this mobil application did a god job with head,eyes. Looks clear.

This application also have video enhancer and same good job on the face take a look at this:

From 0:42 original video.

Remini is aweseome in face upscaling and restauration. Gigapixel has serious problems with face upscaling. I allways combine both programs to upscale faces with Remini and the rest with Gigapixel.

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The color problem that I am most concerned about is still unresolved, and I am very disappointed. I have repeatedly reported this problem. This picture only appears reddish at the junction of blue and black. I found that the larger the denoising percentage, the more obvious the red, but even if it is a percentage No. 0, there will be a little bit of red problem, I hope you can review this problem, the following is the original picture

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Hi dj,

Could you upload the original image to this link? Also, what settings are you using when you process the image? (file type, color profile, etc.)


Could you please enable ‘space bar’ as toggle for original<->preview?
This would be same behavior than in AI Sharpen and AI Denoise.


I have uploaded the cropped part of the original picture, this is my configuration:

Supperess Noise: 75
Remove Blur: 20
Use maximum quality AI models: YES
Enable discrete GPU: YES
Enable OpenVINO: YES
GPU: RTX 2070s
GPU DRIVER: 451.67

I upscaled five 800 x 600px pictures X4 with multiple faces using this 5.0.2 version and they all came out perfect. I’ve had issues in the past. Also they took five seconds each. I hope Topaz creates a plugin file for Affinity Photo soon.

Still crashes! Crash files and image file submitted. Giga does create a PNG, but crashes when I try to output any other file type.

I’ve also seen blue/cyan smudges near red edges.

What I’ve done lately in some of the more prominent cases is to do a matching enlargement in Photoshop, and then use that as a color correction layer. It preserves the feature enhancements of Gigapixel, while cleaning up the color artifacts.

Just a small problem. I run GigAI in windowed mode, slightly smaller than my 3840x2160 screen. I place the window to the right side so the recycle bin and some icons are visible at the left side. I exit GigAI, but the next time it, it come up “docked” to the left side of the screen.

Is there a way to have it “remember” the last used screen position?

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This new release is wonderful. I’m using an AMD Radeon RX 580 in a Razer eGPU box on a Mac Mini late 2014 with Mojave (using the PurgeWrangler script to enable). My eGPU is absolutely motoring away 100% with a huge speed up of Gigapixel upscales. Absolutely fantastic!! Can this support be rolled out for the other products in the family as appropriate?

I do the same. I wish the Remini level face upscaling should present in GPAI

Quote from users: “it only clarifies faces - the rest of the photo gets soft, losing detail… And some look very ‘plasticized,’ or you’ll get a random ear on a forehead or creepy stuff like this.”

Thanks @AiDon to mention this too @taylor.bishop
I also don’t understand this new behavior, if needed it should be optional so I can press a button and overwrite the original.
In technical speech the originals isn’t overwrite the program always must write the new data to a new file. After finishing it could delete the original and rename the newly created to to original file name.

The original file is needed for the upscaling process so overwriting it on the fly wouldn’t possible,

Maybe the renaming is the problem?

Would be nice to get feedback from @taylor.bishop

Gigapixel weakness is now the small face upscaling/correcting. Need some improvement on it. Could be the 1st at priority.

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Just check what happens if you call PS from LR, the purpose of the external editor is to adjust the original.

And if you call any other resize app it updates the file sent.

You need to first understand the workflow of non-destructive image processors like LR, Capture One, ON1, etc., etc. and how they use external editors.