GigaPixel v4.4.5 thoughts

Hi, I’ve been using ver4.4.5. UI has thumbnails. For AI imaging, I think it’s the best version I’ve ever seen, especially the excellent hair and skin effects. Details are reasonable. Other versions are not good i think, details are seriously lost and blurred, and there are bugs.

1 Like (3.5 MB) Here is one of my test project. Of course, I’m not the author of this CG rendering.
ver4.4.5.The character has dense hair and good skin. however,sparse hair may have artifacts.It’s an old version after all
I don’t know why the new version can’t achieve this amazing effect.
I hope it will be helpful to your improvement. I appreciate this software very much. always.

I just tested this picture with Gigapixel 5.7 and, indeed, the output seems to have less details than your output from 4.4.5.

Files with (1) in names have the ‘reduce blur’ setting set to 100% while the others have it set to 0. Even the ones with ‘reduce blur’ set to 100% have less details than your output from 4.4.5.