Gigapixel: Start button greyed out

A user on a photo forum reports that on two different Macs with a new user account running High Sierra, Gigapixel’s Start button is inactive. I told them I would investigate.


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On my Win 10 PC, GigaPixel is taking up so much processor time that it takes an age to fill in all the dialog boxes with names etc. And clicking Start also involves a lag… can’t speak for Macs though!

This is true only with the CPU. You need to set it to GPU.

I think most of the setup is weird. Use scaling set to a percentage value, for example. This is 332 cm at 150ppi which equates to 23527 pixels on one side (I don’t know what the limit of Gigapixel is). Also, the person needs to use the GPU, not CPU, especially for such a large file. I would suggest that the file be saved as a Jpeg as well.