Gigapixel Save As?

Hi, Just started with Gigapixel and watching a video on youtube the guy says to click on Batch Processing and you get an option for output but even with 3 images open all I get at the bottom of the screen is Save 3 Images, no option for batch? Advice please, Thankyou, Russ.

I’m not sure I understand what the concern is. Batch processing is taking more than one image and instructing the software to process and save those images. So, if you have three images and you press the button which says “save 3 images” that is batch processing. It doesn’t use the word “batch,” however, by pressing that button, that is what you would be accomplishing. If I’m misunderstanding the question though please help me to understand better.


Hi, Thankyou for the reply.
If you go to youtube and watch at approx 9:35 you can see the option that also includes save directory, I cannot find this option so even when I process one image or 21 images I cannot find where it/they are being sent to or get the option for output format or a save directory of my choice all I get is ‘save image’ at bottom right corner I hit that it does it’s work with no other options as shown in video.

The reason for the difference between what you see in Gigapixel and what you see in the video is that the video is showing an earlier version of Gigapixel - that button has been changed to show the number of selected images. As for that button not taking you to the dialogue box that it should - are you using GAI as a standalone or as a plug-in? If as a standalone than something is not working correctly so you’ll need to raise a support ticket on the main website.

Finally, as per the user guidelines pinned to the home page here, please do not make duplicate posts. I’ve closed the other one.

Hi, Ok Thankyou. Problem is for someone like myself who has just bought into any software you need up to date training videos and going to Topaz Youtube channel the last video on Gigapixel uploaded by Topaz was posted 10 Apr 2020 and is a whole 2:46 long infact the last video posted by Topaz Labs is dated 24 Sep 2020 on Denoise. Thankyou again, Russ.

OK after reaching out I have found how to rectify the problem of where to save and what format etc. etc. It will only work if you open an image direct from within Gigapixel if you open from another app or drag image onto Gigapixel icon it will only give you the save option and start saving to source directory automatically Russ.