Gigapixel refuses to install update and eventually crashes

Topaz Laps Gigapixel Ai refuses to install the 7.1.4 update. I click on the “update available” message on the upper right of the screen. It shows me the details of the update. When I click on the Install Update button at the bottom of the release notes, the app just appears to be waiting for me to manipulate an image. There’s not updating being done and it says “Update Available” on the upper right. If I click on that, the app crashes/disappears.

Yes, I’ve rebooted. No difference.

Now what?

Let’s try manually updating by deleting the version of Gigapixel you have installed by the uninstaller or moving it to the trash depending on your operating system.

Then, install the most recent version of Gigapixel from our Topaz Labs Download Page.