Gigapixel plugin is not visible to my photo editor

I use Affinity Photo for editing which can use Photoshop compatible Plugins. And sure enough, the DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI plugins work fine with my Affinity Photo. But the Gigapixel Al v.6.0.0 product does not. I can’t get the plugin to show in the plugin list under the Filters menu. The only difference I can see between Gigapixel AI and the other two is that the Gigapixel plugin folder contains three files while the other two just contain one. Any ideas?

GigaPixel won’t work with Affinity Photo as AP doesn’t support automation plugins. These plugins handle the canvas size etc., that needs to be expanded to support enlargement.

Thank you for the quick reply. Unfortunate that AP won’t work with Gigapixel as the other two are a dream to use as plugins. The standalone route quickly became a pain when I discovered that DeNoise AI does not pass through the complete set of exif data and I had to provide lens model data by hand in order for AP to apply the correct lens profile processing. Tedious and error prone work! But now that I’ve got them working as plugins, life is good.