Gigapixel Not Working

Faced a problem, gigapixel does not save the result of photo processing.
My actions:

  1. Open gigapixel program
  2. Uploading a photo
  3. I make settings for the best result
  4. I click save (I choose to save the original and to the same place as the photo).
  5. Photos are saved without any changes, only with a different name.

What to do?
Thank you.

Did you find a solution to this? Same problem over here. Preview looks great, but saved image is 6x enlarged, but no actual processing taking place.

No, I wrote in support, the time for consideration of the appeal was written up to 8 hours, more than a week passed, they did not even answer.

It started not so long ago, about a month, before everything was fine. I thought that the problem was in the system, but on another PC, the same problem, reinstallation, changing settings, etc. doesn’t help.

Topazlabs support is present on the forum, can you help?