Gigapixel No Start or All Clear Buttons?

I downloaded Gigapixel after paying for it last night. I’m running it on High Sierra v 10.13.6. It seems everything is working EXCEPT that the “Start” and “All Clear” buttons are nowhere to be found. I can load images (but can’t drag and drop), and choose the options in the side panel, but cannot start the program. I cannot scroll down or resize the window to find the Start button. I’ve checked my Account and Gigapixel shows in my Products list and I did receive an invoice showing it’s paid. I’ve included a screenshot. I’ve tried uninstalling and downloading and reinstalling three times but nothing changes.

I was able to see the “Start” and “All Clear” buttons by clicking Option + the green resize button but the window will NOT resize. So the buttons are there, I just can’t seem to access them.

I opened a ticket but because it’s the weekend, I won’t get any help for a few days (I hope). Thanks for any suggestions. I hope I’m missing something obvious.

This is weird. I’m running this version in High Sierra with no problem. Your screen shot looks looks very different to mine, it looks much larger. What screen resolution are you running?

You were correct! Thanks so much. I found the Start and Clear buttons by Option + clicking on the green resizing button in the upper left corner, but the window would NOT resize so I couldn’t use the Start button. When I checked the screen resolution I was using the largest size as my vision is poor. When I lowered the resolution, I could resize the Megapixel window. Thank you so much for your suggestion!

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