Gigapixel jazzed up color preview

Since last versions and update I have pretty bad colors in Giga Pixel
(the final image is ok)

I would suggest enabling sRGB Preview Fallback in the preferences if it’s not already enabled. It could be a colour management issue with GP having a problem with the monitor profile.

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Thank you, I will try it asap.
I have a DELL XPS UPQ3216Q + Mac Studio M1 Max

Problem solved !
but why sRGB is off by default… like most user are using sRGB ? Don’t they ?

sRGB Fallback isn’t ideal because it assumes your monitor gamut is sRGB, and most sRGB monitors are not perfectly sRGB. So it would be better if GP could correctly use your monitor profile for best accuracy. TPAI is the same.

v7.2.2 is officially released and should resolve this conflict - please try this version out and let me know if you continue to experience output errors.

Thank you for your patience!

The problem reported in this thread only affects the preview colours, not the output file colours, and it hasn’t been fixed in the v7.2.2 release. Enabling sRGB Preview Fallback is still required.

ok noted - thank you Alan!