Gigapixel feature request. Filehandling on screen

The file browser on screen in Gigapixel is Godawful.

Especially when you add a few hundred pictures with different settings. But adding 100 more to use the last settings but you made a mistake (need different resolution or denoise setting). You have to - - >

click on the - for each file, than move your cursor to confirm the popup And do this a hundred times!

But wait, you can tag each pictture you need to remove from the list right. Ok. Is there an option to remove all files you have selected? Sadly no. And if you accidentilly click the name and not - it will switch to preview mode as well. And selection is lost.

Also if you tag a bunch of files to change their settings and accidentally click the name and not he “-” "or checkbox. of a file. The Display will change to the preview mode for that picture. Did it remember the files you selected on the other screen? Sadly no.

All you can do is: remove all files, tagged or untagged through menu or the on screen button.

Also because Gigapixel flunks a lot. And you wont remember what settings was used for which slew of files or independant files. After Gigapixel crapped out and shut down. After restart all is gone except for the last set of settings.

Also please remove unneeded space vertically between filenames. And make seletions persistant. To enable changes to the settings of the selected files (resolution, mode, denoise etc) and keep this selection after each enter (ie. change remove blur setting, enter. keep file selection). Until the new button deselect has been used.

And since there are roughly three to five parameters. Mode, Denoise, Blur, and facefilter. Please add an option to add the settings used for each picture automatically to the filename. ie. (6x-cr-15-17). which means times: 6, mode: compressed, denoise 15, remove blur 17. This makes it easy to guess other settings to use if the result isn’t what you want.

Nevermind. You will probably not understand what I wrote. I will try and make a a clear summary after a few hours.