Gigapixel doesn't work since being re-purchased

Giga pixel doesn’t work , it opens but goes dead slow or keeps producing un edited version

Could you tell me the specs of your machine? I’ll need to know the RAM, VRAM, GPU, and CPU. Additionally, I’ll need to know if you’re on Mac or Windows?

Mac M2 Max 64 GB

I appreciate this information.

Let’s have you reach out to Support so we can more effectively troubleshoot this. When you reach out, please provide the following in your email:

  1. A link to this forum post.
  2. The version of Gigapixel you’re using.
  3. Your log files.
  • To get your log files, please open Gigapixel and go to Help > Open Log Folder. Once you see your Logs folder, you will want to right-click it and compress them.

Once compressed, you will attach that .zip file to your response.

Here is our Support team email:

thank you so much , will do as instructed :slight_smile:

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