Gigapixel destroys Created Date After Processing

Here is the problem:

After batch processing a folder full of images, Gigapixel overwrites the “Date Created” field in the images’ metadata to the current date. This is bad because it destroys the date the photo was actually created.

Yes, I realize there is also a “Date Taken” timestamp, but 90% of my photos don’t have that so I have to rely on “Date Created” to figure out when the photo was actually taken. If you think about, no one cares when Gigapixel made the enhanced photo, they care about when the photo was actually taken.

Why not make a checkbox saying “Preserve image original Date Created timestamp”.

That way we have the option of keeping the original timestamp. Those few people who actually care about when Gigapixel created the edited photo don’t have to check the box, so it won’t bother them.

It seems pretty simple solution to implement:

  1. Make a checkbox to preserve images Date Created timestamp
  2. If box is checked, store the Created Date of the original photo, the use that date to populate the Date Created field in the new photo.

Are you talking about “File Creation Date/Time”, which is (AFAIK) the file metadata created by the file system of your OS (shown in image below)? Topaz should not mess about with that (and I don’t think they can).

File Properties

The original creation dates in the exif and xmp data are unchanged on the images I’ve looked at.

Yes, I am talking about that. It’s an important piece of data to have with photos especially if they don’t have a date taken timestamp.

Rather than preserving the images original creation date, Gigapixel will change it to the date it gets processed in Gigapixel.

Blockquote Topaz should not mess about with that (and I don’t think they can).

They certainly can change it (by change it I mean the new file will have the same date as the old file). Writing meta data to a file is a standard practice. See the link below:

I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t at least be an option. Not having the option is causing me problems since enhanced images lose the data the photo was originally taken.

That’s because that date is intended to be the creation date of the file in the OS, and nothing to do with the time a photo was taken. ExifTool, which they use to write exif data to a file, doesn’t allow changes to OS file metadata afaik, because it isn’t standard practice to change that date.

If the devs want to get involved in trying to solve your problem for you, I guess that’s upto them. But this isn’t a problem caused by Gigapixel. It’s what all image editing apps do.

I disagree with it not being a Gigapixel problem.

I have thousands upon thousands of photos were the only record of the date of the photo being taken is the date created timestamp and I’m using Gigapixel to enhance these photos. Using their program is causing important data to be lost.