GigaPixel Deleted 1 terabyte (files, folders, softwares, etc)

As the title suggests, this software deleted 1 terabyte of data.

I woke up this morning, launched Gigapixel and it prompted me for an update. I thought ‘Sure, why not?!’

So I proceeded with the update, but to my dismay, it ended up deleting the software itself!
I was like ‘Um… what? okay… I’ll just reinstall it.’

So I reinstalled Gigapixel. However, upon completion, I realized that all my files, folders, and some softwares had VANISHED. FOREVER. Because yeah i tried to use Recuva, Stellar Data Recovery, Windows Recovery, there was nothing I could do to retrieve them.

If someone has any solutions i’m open to hear… Im devastated right know and very mad at topaz


not sure if it was probably covered by a windows restore point, but it could be worth a try. :eyes:

Thanks i’ll try…

it didn’t worked…

Sad to hear about it. I doubt the windows restore point would save 1 TB of data either. :neutral_face:

People are divided into those who make backup copies from the beginning and those who do it after data loss…

Sorry, life is brutal.

Well, this sounds like a nightmare and I’m sorry to hear that this happened. Where did you install the application?

I can tell you that our applications will not overwrite or delete anything if left in the default installation location. However, if you downloaded Gigapixel on a different drive than the default one and didn’t designate it a folder to install the contents of the app, then it can delete what was there.

You must be joking, the app install needs Program Files nad ProgramData on windows. If this is not so it had better be fixed. Note you can install on alternate disks.

I suspect the OPs HD or SSD is on the way out.

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Open a Terminal app such as CMD in admin mode and run the following command sfc /scannow to see if there are problems with the system.

hey everybody thanks for the reply

@simmy.topazlabs it is a nightmare indeed

Unfortunatelly I can’t remember correctly… I think I downloaded the topaz collection on a different drive and install the softwares on this drive. But I remember that for some reasons the softwares didn’t worked? so i had to install it on the default one. Maybe that was the mistakes?

Anyway, I’ve never seen software that does that kind of stuff in my entire life. Whether it’s the default drive or an external drive, it should WORK.

You said that “it can delete what was there”? I mean, if it were just deleting YOUR software and everything related to it that would be “fine” (i guess) but all of my other data? Man that’s just… crazy barbaric stuff right here lol…

@AiDon Thanks I’ll try what you said… Someone told me that this datas might have been formatted somehow, and that it might be recoverable via a Mac, somehow? I’m sorry, my computer skills are limited… but based on what @simmy.topazlabs said, this didn’t sound good.

i’ll keep you informed

(Sorry for my bad english btw)

I can not imagine how that happened. If you moved all your terabyte data into the Topaz application folder and that folder got deleted via uninstall maybe…

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So i runned the commande (I’m french so i’ll put both original and traduction):

“La Protection des ressources Windows a détecté des fichiers corrompus et les a réparés.
Pour les réparations en ligne, les détails sont inclus dans le fichier journal de CBS situé à l’emplacement suivant :
windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. Exemple : C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. Pour les réparations
hors connexion, les détails sont inclus dans le fichier journal fourni par l’indicateur /OFFLOGFILE.”


“Windows Resource Protection detected corrupted files and repaired them.
For online repairs, details are included in the CBS log file located at the following location:
windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. Example: C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For repairs
offline, details are included in the log file provided by the /OFFLOGFILE flag”

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Yes exactly, I don’t understand what happened either haha…

Hey btw at least thanks to you @Imo I was able to recover some of the missing software by doing the restore point :slight_smile:

Glad to hear about it. How much of the terabyte got rescued? :eyes:

Nothing for now… well, Windows Recovery (miraculously) saved some poor pictures, blender files and other useless files, so i would said around 150Mo? something like that :joy:

Sad to hear about it. But it was worth a try. :frowning:
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oops my bad thanks :wink:

My advice is that you DON’T use “Because yeah i tried to use Recuva or Stellar Data Recovery” always use the sfc/ scannow command to repair the OS as disk and system component failure can occur at any time.

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I only used Recuva and Stellar for scan, not to recover. Even a simple scan can damage the system ? wow okay if only i knew…
As I said I used Windows Recovery to recover the data…

Also after i made that sfc/ scannow i can’t open any document anymore… (pictures, audio, video…)