Gigapixel color shift on original file even before upscale

Gigapixel is opening my original files (any format, jpeg, png, tiff all tested, all with srgb profile embedded) with a color shift.

It does a pretty great job of upscaling and keeping the colors consistant in the preivew window to the original file. The problem is that the original file in the preview already has shifted from what the actual file looks like in real life.

Attached a screengrab showing the previews in Gigapixel compared to the actual file in separate window. Pay attention to the circled area blues saturation and color. All the color depth, vibrancy, and beauty in the image has been dulled out. I tried correcting it back in photoshop after upscaling, but the data is gone, and not possible or realistic work flow to have to do all my image processing twice and never get it as good as the original already was.

Please fix this?! Seems like there an issue with Gigapixel not readin ghte embedded color profile properly?

At the moment i cant use the software, but i really need to. Its otherwise fantastic - but totally unusable for color images right now.

Am on a mac, latest version of everything.

ps. ive tried all the different settings, models etc, but thats not the issue - its already shifted the colors, so any output is matched to the wrong colors from the very start. My original images are saved out of photoshop with btw.