Gigapixel Cloud AI

Gigapixel AI is now available in the cloud. Whether its for one image or embedded in your workflow via our api, enjoy the power of Gigapixel anytime, anywhere, on any device. Free for a limited time.

Gigapixel AI Cloud


Thank you, looks interesting, shall try it out and see if the processing speed is better. Is there a plan to support resizing movies?

Thanks Russell.

We may have something in the works :wink:

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This version of the open beta doesn’t really handle metadata 100% accurately such as colorspace and ppi. That is being worked on now. This initial round is more of a showcase to see what kind of response it generates.

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I doubled the size of a tif format image file to about 7000 pixels on a side;. The conversion and upload took a few dozen minutes, but the download of the finished file was fairly quick. The enlarged image was less saturated than the original

So is this beta an example of a future of processing with any of Topaz software apps of any image on any device from anywhere

What happened to cloud AI? Tried to access it today and url is not working

This was an open beta, raise a support request at the main website please.