Gigapixel blured squares


Ive got problem with upscaling in Gigapixel (latest version). When I upscale image (x4, x6) Gigapixel create some blured squares in random places. My Giapixel is set to GPU (Nvidia RTX 3070 with latest Game Ready driver, memory set to Hight), battery to max performance, no others apps running, clean Windows 10.

Ive tried different settings but output is always the same.

Images are some “abstract art”, PNG files, upscaled from 1664x2432

Any advices?

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We have seen this in a few cases. Please help try this and let me know if it works.

Apply High-Quality model → Set noise and compression sliders to 0 (or very small), while use default blur slider.

The output should respect and keep all those grains, and do not create patches that removed the grains as you indicated.
If you want to remove those grains, than try low-resolution model and try dialing up noise slider.

Thanks! HQ model works great with those options

Low-res is good too, but HQ look better overal :slight_smile:

Like I said one thousand Times:

Even if I set the „Noise“ and „Compression“ Slider to „0“, the „Titles“ not entirely go away!

With ALL Pictures, it’s not possible to get rid of these „Tiles“…

Look very carefully in detail! The grainy/ironed out Tiles are never completely disappear… :rage:

Thanks for replies, I noticed that those artifacts didnt completly dissapear, but reasult is far better than mine, and its look ok now.

I noticed that this is not happening to all my images, I think that it depends on complexity of base image

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And that’s the Point:
The Artifacts didn’t completely disappear! Even with Noise/Compression set to “0”…

And in my case, these Artifacts ruin every image and I can no longer use this Software in a professional Workflow.

Maybe in the future updates They will fix this, or add option/button like “Fix squares” etc

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