Gigapixel and Alpha Channel

Hi, i tried Gigapixel and pretty impressed. But there is a problem. I tried to use Gigapixel to increase the size of multilayered drawings. The problem is that when I try to enlarge an image with an alpha channel (PNG), the quality of the image is excellent, but the alpha channel is simply blurred as in the case of bilinear interpolation. Will the quality of alpha channel processing be improved in the near future? Thank you.

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Could be great to get it solved soon. The manual way works - extracting the alpha channel and upscale this separate alpha channel doesn’t create blurry edges. So, it should be easy to implement. :wink:

I second the urgent need this feature. Alpha-channel support is very essential when working with VFX and CGI.
Other than that, thanks for an amazing product Topaz team!

August 2021. Seems like the issue is still unresolved, I’m getting results exactly as described here.

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