Gigapixel AI

Out of the blue, Gigapixel AI 4.4.5 just started crashing for no particular reason!! Need it to work as I count on it to enlarge small marks…at least up to 2X…any larger and it does start to distort what I’m enlarging…but then I try to enlarge some pretty tiny stuff too!!! Using Photoshop CS6 with it and haven’t really had a problem with it before…Any suggestions???

GigaPixel will not operate as a plugin as it is not designed to do so.

Please go to Help-> Graphics info, press the copy button and paste the info here in this thread.

Have you had any recent updates to your PC operating system?

Gigapixel has introduced unwanted pixels and lines of interference from its inception. It has never been fixed.

NOT using as a plug-in…it’s a stand alone, I do know that…but I think I know what happened now…I just realized I was inadvertently trying to load a .png file…when I changed it to .jpg it worked FINE!!! Thanks!!! BUT I still don’t understand why SO MUCH distortion if I try to enlarge more than 2X…otherwise, I LOVE it!!!