Gigapixel AI - which version is the best?

I recently updated my Gigapixel AI (mind you that I have not done a clean install ever), and I noticed that the results seem to have been getting worse over the past versions.

I’ve been reading throughout the years about various user’s experiences with Gigapixel AI, and it seems that some find one version better than the others, especially when it’s been coming down to newer editions.

It seems that version 4.4.5 has been praised by quite a few on here, but I was wondering if others could share their thoughts on which version/s they have found yield/s the best results and hasn’t created lots of artifacts and over-blurring?

It really depends on your image. :thinking:

Some images looks better with the old version, but some images looks better with the new version. Sometimes, part of the image is better in new, part of the image is better in old. :wink: It really depends on your own preference and the image you process.

For standard mode, high quality image is usually better on newer version, because it tends to enhance detail better. For less high quality image, the newer version may mistakenly enhance unwanted noise/artifact, make it looks less clean. You can increase the suppress noise value to compensate, but at the same time detail of the image will remove as well.

Also, it seem that new & old version of GAI judge/deblur out-of-focus area differently. I recommend you try it yourself, because it highly depends on your personal preference.