Gigapixel AI v6.2.0 Crop Not Working

Originally reported here:

Nothing happens when clicking the Crop confirmation button. You must cancel the crop to exit the crop module. The following warning is logged every time the user presses the Crop confirmation button:

WARN  [0x1004fc580] qrc:/TEUpsampling/TModuleEntry.qml:2167: TypeError: Value is undefined and could not be converted to an object (:2167)

Yes… It’s broken, but there is a work around… I’ll post a video link that displays the problem and the work-around here…

Thanks @fred-54776!

The video stops playing after a few seconds, but I was able to extract the workaround from the transcript. Here is the workaround for the benefit of others that run into the same video issue:

  1. unselect the checkbox next to the image name (bottom left corner).
  2. select the checkbox next to the image name.
  3. crop works as expected.
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