Gigapixel AI v5.1.7 Freezing

Hi, I figured I would give a quick try here to find an answer before I try sending a support ticket to Topaz.

I don’t use Gigapixel often, but occasionally. I used it a few months ago to enlarge one of my photos to 24x30 for a customer and it looked great. The past couple weeks I’ve been trying and trying to enlarge a couple photos for a couple customers but Gigapixel is freezing when I click on the “Update” button to update the preview window. The little dots go around in a circle for about 10 seconds and then stop. The percentage shown stays at 0% or occasionally goes to 1%, but that’s all. It just sits there no matter how long I wait. And then I can’t close the program either. I have to use Task Manager to “End Task” for Gigapixel.

It also doesn’t work if I just click the “Save” button without updating the preview or changing any setting sliders. After waiting a long time I had to use Task Manager to close it, but then I did see in my photo folder an image with the gigapixel suffix. I thought maybe it worked somehow, but the photo was super blurry.

A couple weeks ago I had the problem with the Microsoft Tuesday update that caused a BSOD when going to print to certain printers, which I have a Kyocera. I thought maybe that’s also causing a problem with Gigapixel, although I doubted it should. Anyhow, I’ve removed the update and can print, but still the Gigapixel freezes.

I have Windows 10 Home v1909 Build 18363.1440 on a Dell Inspiron model 7458 with an Intel i5-5200U processor. 16GB of RAM. I also did an update to the video driver which is an Intel HD graphics 5500. And I uninstalled and then re-installed Gigapixel AI. Still have the problem.

As I said, it worked before, now it doesn’t and I need it.
Any help appreciated. Thanks.

I think you should raise a support request at the main website as the current version is v5.4.5

Thanks. I figured I would probably need to. I haven’t upgraded to the latest subscription version.

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Thought I would update the problem.

I went to send a support request and it has a box to check that you’ve downloaded and installed the latest version. Well, the latest version is a subscription version and I haven’t decided if I want to do that. I have the version right before the subscription. I thought they should still support that. But, the support request will not go through unless you check that box. So I decided I’ll do the upgrade. And since I have the various AI programs, instead of doing the single upgrade for $49, I did the upgrade for all of them for $99.

I did a quick check with a photo and changed the adjustment sliders and clicked to update the preview window 2 times and it didn’t freeze. Thank God.

Topaz says that you’re supposed to be able to continue using a previous version, that you don’t have to keep your subscription constantly up to date. But if they don’t support you if you’re not up to date, that’s not too good. So I’m happy it seems to be working now, but not happy at the same time.

I did not realize that you were not even allowed to submit a support request once your are outside their subscription plan! :roll_eyes:

Simply say yes as you have the latest you have paid for or paid annual support for.

Well, putting in a support request now is moot since I took the chance and bought the upgrade subscription and the new version is working.

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All I know is that there was a box to check saying that I had downloaded and installed the latest version. Since I didn’t at that time have the latest version, I did not click the box. And then when I clicked the “Submit” button, it took me back to the support request screen with that box highlighted in red and that I had to check it to go forward.

Maybe there is some other option to send in a support request without having to do that, I don’t know. I could have lied and said I had the latest version, but then they would be looking at the wrong program to try to find an answer.

(There was also another box to check that I was uploading my “dxdiag” file, a text file that shows them my complete system information, which I totally understand them needing that to help figure out the problem.)