Gigapixel AI v4.5.0

What do you mean by an animated image.

The download has been re-loaded it seems…starting the download but compared to all previous downloads it is like sucking a thick milkshake through a very thin straw :frowning:

Hi Don, it is the full installer as per in Eric’s OP that I wish to download , not the Online one :wink:

There is no full installer, raise a support request for that.

I wish the new version’s settings were sticky from session to session as they were under 4.4.6. Having to set the scale type, switch to auto, etc. every time is more tedious than with the previous version. Also, I submitted an issue where if I do a batch resize using height, the resultant images have varying heights even though the batch listing shows they are all set to the same height.



If you wish to check the “identity” of the download link that Eric has provided in the OP they are both Full Installers (though unlike on the DeNoise & Sharpen threads there is not yet the click link for the Online as well in that location)

Sorry about that, I see what you mean … I prefer the online installer as it downloads in sections and I don’t keep old installers, still takes the same amount of time (i expect)

Just downloaded the latest version.
First, there is no link between PS & Gigapixel so have to run as standalone.
Second, whilst running I get endless error messages “entry point not found” click ok & it continues to run until the next error message

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GigaPixel does not run in plugin mode.

Please provide details of your PC environment and a screenshot of the error.

On Mac - what is the recommended procedure to UnInstall the previous version ? There is no UnInstall in the folder - do we just drop the whole folder into the Trash ?

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It would help a lot of GigaPixel DID run in plugin mode, both for PS and LR. It would make a big difference in my workflow. Also, while I’m at it, a feature allowing gallery wrap margins would be really helpful.

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Hope this is what you want Don?

That is strange, looks like the C++ Run Time Library might be missing as that, I believe, is part of the OpenVINO library.

If @eric or @adam.mains is about could you answer this please.

Hey Don I believe I have sorted out the time to process differences between v4.4.5 and v4.5.0 . Doing single images allows you to select jpeg compression but I can’t find a way to do that for batch processing multiple photos at the same time, they default to max quality. Is there a way to set image quality while doing a batch?

Also, I am able to drag and drop now. Perhaps an issue only during first instance of v4.5.0

Application & Version: Topaz Gigapixel AI Version 4.5.0

Operating System: Windows 10 (10.0)

Graphics Hardware: GeForce GTX 1060 3GB/PCIe/SSE2

OpenGL Driver: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 445.75

CPU RAM: 32677 MB

Video RAM: 3072 MB

Preview Limit: 3690 Pixels

You can probably manipulate the “imageQuality” setting in the registry but I am not sure … you can try opening 1 image, do a “Save as” then set the file type and image quality you want. Press “Save” and then Cancel and see if it is then retained for the batch process … say open another image and run 2 to see if it works.

@eric can this be added to the Batch Save panel as it seems that it should be part of it if it is available in the Save as option?

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Every time again when I open an image I have to switch the face refinement and - even more important - the Select Mode. I wish Gigapixel would be able to remember the settings I used last. “Select Mode: Auto” for example. -.-


Why the size of output image increased in this version? With image quality set to 8 a file of 7mb of 4.45 turns to 11-12mb with exaclty same quality result as anterior versions.

Are there instructions somewhere for removing the previous version?
Can I just delete the whole “Topaz A I Gigapixel” folder?

I downloaded 4.5 but once I hit start everything freezes. Never had this issue in any other Topaz programs

Assuming you’re on windows, there will be an uninstaller link in the start menu under “Topaz Labs”. You just have to make sure you you don’t select the uninstaller under “Topaz Labs LLC” because that’s the new version you’ve just installed.

How would you normally uninstall programs you don’t want anymore?